K8S Docs

Core Concepts

Tasks -> Accessing Multiple Clusters
Tasks -> Accessing Cluster with API
Tasks -> Port Forwarding
Tasks -> Shell to Running Container (exec)

Multi-Container Pods

Tasks -> Init Containers
Concepts -> Logging Architecture

Pod Design

Concepts -> Assign Pods to Nodes - Selectors
Concepts -> Labels and Selectors
Annotations - Kubernetes
Tasks -> ReplicaSet Rolling Updates
Concepts -> Deployments, Rollouts, and Rollbacks
Define a Command and Arguments for a Container - Kubernetes


Task -> Config Maps
Task -> Security Contexts
Tasks -> Assigning Memory Resources to Pods
Tasks -> Assigning CPU Resources to Pods
Tasks -> Pod QOS
Tasks -> Credentials using Secrets
Tasks -> Project Volume w/Secrets
Tasks -> Setting Service Account
Resource Quotas - Kubernetes
Configure Memory and CPU Quotas for a Namespace - Kubernetes


Jobs - Run to Completion - Kubernetes
Tasks -> Automated Tasks with Cron Jobs
Tasks -> Parallel Jobs with Expansions
Tasks -> Course Parallel Processing with a Work Queue
Tasks -> Fine Parallel Processsing with a Work Queue


Tasks -> App Introspection and Debugging
Tasks - Liveness and Readiness Probes
Tasks -> Debugging Pods
Tasks -> Troubleshooting Applications
Tasks -> Debugging Services
Tasks -> Debugging Services Locally
Tasks -> Core Metrics Pipeline
Logging Using Stackdriver - Kubernetes
Sidecar container with a logging agent

Services & Networking

Concepts -> Connecting Apps with Services
Tasks -> Declare Network Policy
Network Policies - Kubernetes

State Persistence

Concepts -> Persistent Volumes
Tasks -> Configuring PVCs
Configure a Pod to Use a Volume for Storage - Kubernetes

Kubectl Reference Docs
Tasks - Kubernetes
Tutorials - Kubernetes
Concepts - Kubernetes